Rent A Truck With 5th Wheel Hitch

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All you need to do is find an adequate truck rental with 5 th wheel hitch. How to Tow a Fifth Wheel with a Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental. Choosing the right tow vehicle is important, especially if you’re going to rent a fifth wheel truck. Fifth wheels can be as heavy as 10,000 lbs., so it’s critical to know the towing capacity of your truck.

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This trailer is called such because of the style of hitch that sits in the bed of a truck so it swivels easily. The fifth-wheel is built to offer more homey comforts, often with full kitchens, and bui…

The good news is there are a few truck rental agencies scattered around the country that will rent you pickup trucks setup to haul a 5th wheel trailer. For example there is a company called Diesel Pick-up Rental in Denver Colorado that does this.

5th Wheel Truck Rental & Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental. If you’re considering seeing the country in an RV, one of the first questions you’ll have to contend with is what kind of RV is right for you. From modest campervans to all-inclusive motorhomes with extras like slide outs, the world of recreational vehicles is a big and exciting one!

Fifth wheels offer all the space and comforts of a Class A RV—including slide outs, bathrooms, and even multiple bedrooms—but they also require a pickup truck with a specifically fitted hitch. This ty…

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3/4 Ton Pickup Trucks with 4-Wheel Drive are available with towing hitches for Business Rental use from Enterprise Truck Rental

We are a nationwide fifth wheel transporter company. We used to rent pick up trucks such as one ton, three quarter ton truck such as a F250, 2500 or F350 or 3500 to tow a 5th wheel trailer yet we stopped renting those trucks. Now we have a great national service to tow 5th wheel trailers with our professional drivers with great trucks.

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