Lighting For Food Photography

1. Source it! If you want the most beautiful food photos, hands-down natural light is the way to go. Put your surface (coffee table, napkin on the floor – whatever works for you) near a window, ideally one with indirect light (meaning the sun isn’t shining directly in).

Artificial Food Photography Lighting. You will also have to set your color balance to either Tungsten (or incandescent), or Auto White Balance. The type of camera will dictate which settings you have. If you have both, try your shot on both settings and see which one you like best.

When first learning photography many of us learn that light is the most important thing and take this at face value, leading …

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Your photographer will probably come with additional lighting, but there’s no harm … Photographers need food to survive the …

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Artificial Lighting Tips for Food Photography. IT’S HERE! Pour, shoot, drizzle, shoot, pour, lick fingers, pour, shoot shoot shoot. Then my stream of light would disappear behind the roof of the neighbor’s house. That was a fun five seconds. But I live in the dark, frozen tundra of Minnesota.

This past month, Brit + Co art directors, Kayla Haykin and Cassidy Miller, went to Aarhus, Denmark to attend a food styling …

For beautiful salivating food photography, you don’t need a lot of lighting equipment. To create a shot that will make your viewer’s stomach start to rumble you only need one diffused light source

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