How To Put Spin On A Pool Ball

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apr 15, 2012  · A follow shot requires the cue ball to have forward spin and the draw shot requires the cue ball to still be spinning backwards when it hits an object ball. To hit a follow shot, hit the cue ball about 1 tip diameter above center with a smooth follow-through and level stroke.

5 Basic Spins in Pool and How to Do Them Jan 27, 2013  · Although I don’t go into depth about these shots, once you start to notice the spin taking effect on your shot, continue to practice it until you really know when and how to use it.

This brushing will make the ball spin from the top. 4. Follow through. Follow through is necessary for the topspin to be successful. It helps you exert a pressure to the ball and make it fly over. Follow through also helps you control the ball to the left or the right. For topspin to the left, you have to brush over the ball from its right side.

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