Cost Per Page Color Laser Copier

Cost … pages more reliably and create higher-quality output than less-expensive models. To evaluate costs, however, you can start by listing the sticker price of the printers you’re considering and …

Divide the cost of the toner cartridge by the page yield. toner cost cartridge ÷ Page Yield = Cost-Per-Print. EXAMPLE: 79.99 ÷ 2200 = 0.036. For color: Divide the cost of the color cartridge by the color page yield, then multiply by 3, and finally add the black and white cost per print you found above.

Laser Printer Cost Advantages . Consider that an entry level business Color Laser printer can be bought for less than $250. If one uses the same cost comparison method, the cost is less than $0.16 per page. ($231 street price divided by 1500 sheets = $0.154 per page).

For the copier we will use a Canon ImageRunner 5000 with the 2 tray finisher and network Multi PDL board (print board). To keep things equal we will use the HP 9000mfp. Both units copy and print at 50 impressions per minute. The Canon has a maximum monthly rating for 200,000 pages per month and the HP 300,000 per month.

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Investing in new output hardware relies on the complicated process of spreading a sheaf of product brochures across your desk and attempting to analyze comparative feature sets. Along with examining s…

✅Laser Printing: Best Laser Printer 2019 (Buying Guide) If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to print color documents such as flyers or presentations, a color laser is usually your best choice. color laser printers generally run faster and more cost .. …

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Each type of printer technology, inkjet or laser-class, incurs an ongoing cost of consumables, either ink tanks or toner cartridges, respectively.In other words, each page you print costs something, in terms of the small amount of ink or toner the printer distributes over the paper.

The HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw is fast, powerful, flexible, and—most important—easy to use, which in our book makes it the best laser printer for most people. We love the responsive control panel, the modern design of HP’s PC and mobile software, and how easy the printer is to set up and get on Wi-Fi.

Black & White Laser Copier At its introduction in 1993, the first color laser printer on the market carried a $12,500 price tag. Its early

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