Can Felons Own Property

Finding felon friendly apartments or housing can be a very difficult task, much more so nowadays than it has been in the past. Countless felons are turned down by landlords and property management groups.

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“Given that Texas is a pro gun and hunting rights state, is it true that a felon can possess a gun in his own home (for self-defense) or on his property (for hunting) whereas federal law completely …

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HUD, otherwise known as the Department of Housing and Urban Development, offers homes that are 1-to-4 unit residential property acquired as a result of a foreclosure action on an FHA-insured mortgage.

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For those who may prefer hunting with a gun rather than a crossbow, another type of gun is a muzzleloader. This blog post will cover whether they can own a muzzleloader.

While the saying is to “never bring a knife to a gun fight,” after an altercation between two alleged robbers and a gas station clerk, it seems the same can be said for bringing … the clerk was on …

Where the property is valued over $500, felony charges are filed … divorces and break-ups can complicate rent-to-own issues. In one Decatur case, a man charged with fraudulent leasing told police texas laws and statutes

Can a Convicted Felon Purchase or Possess Any Type of Firearm?

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Can my spouse own a gun if I am a convicted felon? NORFOLK — A Navy sailor has admitted to killing his wife’s dog, but a plea deal could let him escape without a felony conviction or jail time … was working as a leasing agent for a Virginia Beach …

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